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一、转译成动词 例如:I admire your decision to fight for the difficulties in preparing the examination. 译文:你决定战胜复习考试中的困难,这一点我很羡慕。 (一)名词转译成动词 1.由动词派生的名词转译成动词。 Rockets have found application for the exploration of the universe. 火箭已经用来探索宇宙。 In China, there is a lot of emphasis on politeness. 在中国,人们非常注重讲礼貌。 2.含有动作意味的名词往往可以转译成动词。 A careful study of the original text will give you a better translation. 仔细研究原文,你会龙8娱乐官网登录得更好。 The sight and sound of our jet planes filled me with special longing. 看到我们的喷气式飞机,听见隆隆的机声,令我特别神往。 3.英语(论坛)中有些加后缀-er的名词, He is a good singer. 他唱歌唱得好。 Those small factories are also lavish consumer and waster of raw materials. 那些小工厂还在极大的消耗和浪费原材料。 4.有些短语中作为中心主体词的名词往往可转译成动词,如To have a rest 和To have a good look at 里的rest 和look. You must be tired. Why don’t you take a rest? 你一定很累了,为什么不休息一会呢? The car braked sharply, coming to rest on the edge of the cliff. 汽车猛的刹住,停在悬崖边上。 (二)形容词转译成动词 I am anxious about his health. 我担心他的身体健康。 Scientists are confident that all matter is indestructible. 科学家们都深信,所有的物质都是不灭的。 常见的有: 与思维和知觉相关的形容词:aware, conscious, certain, sure, mindful, ignorant, alert等; 与情感相关的形容词:glad, pleased, cautious, careful, angry, happy, exhilarated, excited, confident, thankful, grateful, concerned, eager, afraid, doubtful, sorry等; 与欲望相关的形容词:desirous, hopeful, anxious, keen, enthusiastic, zealous等。 (三)副词转译成动词 She opened the window to let fresh air in. 她把窗子打开,让新鲜空气进来。 After careful investigation they found the design behind. 经过仔细研究之后,他们发现这个设计落后了。 二、转译成名词 (一)英语中很多由名词派生的动词,以及由名词转用的动词,在汉语中往往不易找到相应的动词,这时可将其转译成汉语名词。 1.名词派生的动词 This kind of behavior characterizes the criminal mind. 这种举止是罪犯的心理特征。 To them, he personified the absolute power. 在他们看来,他就是绝对权威的化身。 2.名词转用的动词 Our age is witnessing a profound political change. 我们的时代是深刻政治变革的见证。 Most U.S. spy satellites are designed to burn up in the earth’s atmosphere after completing their missions. 美国绝大多数间谍卫星,按其设计,是在完成使命后,在大气层中焚毁。 (二)有些英语被动式句子中的动词,可以译成“受(遭)到……+名词”、“予(加)以+名词”这类结构。 He was treated very shabbily by the press during this period. 在这期间,他受到了新闻界极不公正的对待。 I was encouraged by our president. 我得到了校长的鼓励。 (三)形容词转译成名词 1.英语中有些形容词加上定冠词表示某一类的人,汉译时常译成名词。 They did their best to help the sick and the wounded. 他们尽了最大的努力帮助病号和伤员。 Both compounds are acids, the former is strong and the latter is weak. 这两种都是酸。前者是强酸,后者是弱酸。 2.有时候根据情况,可以灵活处理,把有些形容词转换成名词来龙8娱乐官网登录。 He was eloquent and elegant—but soft. 他有口才、有风度,但性格软弱。 His whole family were religious. 他全家都是虔诚的教徒。 三、转译成形容词 形容词派生的名词往往可以转译成形容词。 This issue is of vital importance. 这个问题至关重要。 The pallor of her face indicated clearly how she was feeling at the moment.她苍白的脸色清楚地表明了她那时的情绪。 有些名词加不定冠词作表语时,往往要以转译成形容词。 Our performance was a success. 我们的演出很成功。 Independent thinking is an absolute necessity in study. 独立思考对学习是绝对必需的。 四、其它词类转译 (一)形容词与副词的互相转译 1.由于英语中的名词在龙8娱乐官网登录的时候可以转换成汉语动词,所以修饰该名词的形容词往往转译成汉语副词。 We must make full use of exiting technical equipment. 我们必须充分利用现有的技术设备。 This is sheer nonsense. 这完全是胡说 2.由于英语中的动词在龙8娱乐官网登录的时候可以转换成汉语名词,所以修饰该动词的副词往往转译成形容词。 This film impressed him deeply. 这部电影给了他深刻的印象。 (二)名词与副词的互相转译 1.名词转译成副词 The new mayor earned some appreciation by the courtesy of coming to visit the city poor. 新市长有礼貌地前来访问城市贫民,获得了他们的一些好感。 2.副词转译成名词 It is officially announced that China has successfully launched her fist manned spaceship. 官方宣布,中国已经成功的实现了载人航天。
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